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Friday, 14 January 2011

New Shoemaking Course For January

Due to popular demand, we have introduced a new shoemaking course. And it started this week, which is excellent, because I really enjoy teaching it.

Our previous courses have been completely full and we have had a lot of people who have wanted to participate but have been disappointed. So we decided to start a third each year.

Just one comment while I remember, if you are interested in doing one of our courses, I really recommend that you book early because they fill up quickly. We get a lot of applicants asking to join a couple of months before a course is due to start and this is just too late. We need more time than that just to get the uppers made. So if you want to do it, book early. We already have people signed up for May and August.

We have a lovely group of people on the course. All English this time, which is a first I think. We have had students from all over the world - USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Spain, Australia, Indonesia.

I also think that we have a welting phenomenon going on. Now welting is generally considered the hardest element of the whole process. We always ask students at the end of the course what bits they found hard and welting usually comes out on top of then list.

 We started welting yesterday afternoon about half an hour before the end of the class, and one particular student had already completed half of the shoe. That's not short of the pace I go at. We shall see how things pan out today.

Thread Making


And that, as they say, is that. Not much making of bespoke shoes for me this week, but I finish teaching tomorrow (yes, working on a Saturday!), so Monday will be back to normal as I hand on the responsibilities to the Other One. Our target is to have started our sole by then, but we shall see.

Until next week, happy shoemaking!