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Friday, 5 March 2010


Well, after a week of bright sunny weather, I am feeling much more positive and optimistic. It's crazy how much the weather affects your mood, but months of cloud, snow, freezing rain and darkness takes its toll. Onwards and upwards!

We had a very interesting workshop with Crafted last week. It was about copyright, trademarking, design right etc. Stuff I knew very little about and it seems that other companies will brazenly try to copy your designs, so, unless you protect your intellectual property, you have little protection. It was very sobering, but there are things you can do, so consult a specialist law firm.
We also had a discussion about developing your company, specifically choosing the direction you want to take and what you eventually want to become. The focus was on pricing, which seems to be an elastic area. Again, a lot of this was new to me. When you start a business, you develop very much according to your personality, and as time passes, you learn on the job. But it is so helpful to gain the insights of people further down the line from you. Anyone can get there in the end, but get any kind of helping hand you can. So thank you to Lulu, Adam and Alistair.

As it happens, Crafted have made a video to promote the programme. It is very interesting, so have a look. I cringed in the obvious places, but you will enjoy it. Does I really sound like that? Ugh!

Crafted from Arts & Business on Vimeo.

Our new York course is now full which is great. This morning I ordered all the tools and leather we will need. It all took a while but it is a satisfying process. I think we are on course - famous last words. I have contacted that German supplier Minke I mentioned last week to see if they can supply us with some awl blades. We have not ordered from them before so I will let you know how I get on.
New York in May, should be fantastic. I am really excited. I love the teaching and being there is always a buzz. So it's Billyberg here we come!

Well, that's me done for this week. The Other One is going to post about the Independent Shoemakers Conference we went to at the weekend so watch this space.

So, until next week, happy shoemaking.