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Friday, 29 January 2010

Oink Oink

Oink oink snuffle grunt grunt snuffle oink! You may have gathered from my opening salvo that I have been overtaken, assaulted, struck down by something porcine and thoroughly unpleasant. Now, this is total self diagnosis, but I think I have swine flu!!! All the right symptoms anyway. And if it ain't, it's horrible whatever it is. Blame it on H1N1, or Enron, or something!
As a result, I have done no useful work this week, hence no handy photo essays for you shoeistes out there. I will have to give you news instead.

First off, I am featured in an article in Selvedge magazine with a picture and everything. Jimmyshoe, the face (or more accurately the shiny forehead) of carreducker.
As you know, we won an award at Origin last October for the most innovative use of fabrics for the Winkers and part of the prize was a feature in the magazine. And it is in the current issue. I was interviewed by the lovely Ptolemy Mann; a photographer came to the studio to shoot; and hey presto! We are in print. Great news. And the article is pretty interesting too. So, get out there and buy it. It's issue 32 and we are the cover story.

And in our push with the Winkers we decided we needed a lifestyle shot to tell their story graphically; help explain that they are outdoor shoes etc. So, armed with a big posh camera, Papa Ducker, the other One and myself set out to the Millenium Bridge to see what we could do. It was by turns sunny and foggy (only in London), which was slightly annoying, but we had fun and managed to get some good shots, of which none of the following are examples. Photoshoots are like falling in love, you have to kiss a lot of frogs...

While the Other One slipped off to Tate Modern for a comfort break, the sun came out, but finding a gap between walkers proved difficult.

All I can say is nice backdrop.

Exceptional bird do do! Winkers winking nicely however.

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