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Friday, 1 May 2009

Cut Away Shoes

And here we are, the end of the first week of the course in New york. The Other One says it is going well. It's all women, which is unusual. She is also visiting menswear shops and building relationships there. The US is a big market and we would love to get a toehold and build from there. The trunk show is generating quite a lot of interest and we are expecting a good turn out. The same goes for the Clift in San Francisco. That should be a great show and I am really looking forward to it.

Going to miss Kitty and Pearl though. 3 weeks is long time. In fact Kitty will be twice as old when I get back as now. Funny thought. And my house will be transformed too. New bathroom, should be good.

As for bespoke shoes and bespoke shoemaking, I will miss that. My hands will soften up! I have helpful protective pads at strategic places on my fingers, in just the right places. Amazing thing, Nature. And it means painful blisters when I get back to making. Ho hum.

Here are those funny cut away shoes. Strange thing has happened. After seeing them so much, I am used to the look and it does not seem so odd to me. Does this mean that these lines and measures are just convention? I was taught technical reasons for everything to measure what it does. But maybe this is merely justifying it retrospectively. No, if we wore shoes like these, we would get very wet in the rain. And people might snigger as we walked past, catching a glimpse of our socks. Believe me, that would not do for a dapper, style-savvy gent about town.

So, finally, dear followers, please wish me luck and let me say that I will blog if I can, but if I don't, then please forgive me.