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Friday, 24 April 2009

Eve Of Shoemaking Course

So this is it. The Other One is on the plane as I write, somewhere over Ireland I should think. She will have the weekend to iron out any last minute hitches and then it's the course on Monday. Can't quite believe it really. So join me when I say, "good luck Other One", see you in New York.

We received all of our marketing materials for the US trip and I must say, the images look luxurious. The biggest headache was a concertina style board with images on both sides, but our printing elves finally worked it out. It will go down the middle of the table at Leffot on the 9th May, dividing the bespoke shoes and the Limited Editions. I will probably use it in the Clift in San Francisco on the 19th.

Pretty good, huh? Check out our website,, to see more of these. We have revamped the images throughout the site and are really pleased with the results. Any feedback? You can always contact us at We would love to know what you think.

On the shoemaking front, it's been a pretty quiet week. The Other One and I have been engaged in other work. This always leaves me missing it a bit. I think to myself, oh for the quiet life, sat at my table pulling threads and trimming welts. But those orders do not create themselves, you know. It's a competitive world out there and we have to make our voice heard above the general din.

Those funny low cut shoes from last week are sitting, waiting to be finished. I had a very urgent pair of unremarkable casuals to finish, so they had to be put on hold.
I will post the results next week.

So bespoke shoe fans, bit of a fallow week I'm afraid, but I will astonish you next time! Honest.