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Friday, 6 February 2009

Rubber Top Piece

Belts and snow.

Friday again! Where does the week go?

I lost a day this week to a combination of the weather and the inability of the UK to cope with snow. On Monday morning I awoke to 10cm of snow and no public transport. So no work. The street was filled with excited children flinging snowballs in that crazed manner only achievable in chidhood. And some wonderful snowmen for company. Fantastic!

Back to work. Those eccentric pumps are finished. Two further curiosities. A full rubber top piece and some perforations to cool the feet. Patent leather is calf with an acrylic surface. It thus loses some of it's breathability and can be hot. Clients sometimes complain that leather soled shoes and top pieces can be slippery, hence the rubber top piece. This guy knows what he wants which is great. These shoes are obviously going to see some action!

Belts. We have just delivered a lovely belt to a client to match some shoes. Beautiful work. One of our closers does our belts and he is a fantastic craftsman. He is old school; apprenticeship with John Lobb Ltd and years of experience. His fingers carry the magic and they can simply do the work effortlessly. The sage green piping is milimetrically perfect. What do you think?