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Friday, 9 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to our legion of followers. In January, I always wonder when the last time I say that will be. We are still in full 'Happy New Year' season, but, as with all things, it will end.

After a fabulous rest and holiday season spent in London with family and friends, we at carreducker are back into the world of bespoke shoes. It has been a struggle, but I suppose the first week back is always hard.

What does the year hold for us? Well, we hope it is going to be a great one.

I am going to Pitti Uomo next week in Florence, which will be very exciting. It is the place where all the buyers from around the world go to look at luxury men's clothes, shoes and accessories. So we need to be there!

We are going to New York in April and May to do our first North American handsewn shoemaking school. To coincide with this we are also planning to do some 'trunk shows' to generate further bespoke clients in the States. We will obviously be doing New York, but San Francisco is also on the list and possibly 2 other major cities.

We then have our London bespoke shoemaking school in August.

Our new Limited Edition samples are nearing readiness. We are introducing a stylishly simple wholecut and a contemporary brogued oxford shoe, both on our signature last. We are also planning to broaden the range with a new last shape, probably a chisel toe.

Our new bespoke ladies samples are being designed as I write. I am going to buy some gorgeous leathers in Italy next week, so look out for those. They are going to be wonderful and will get our lady admirers swooning (and getting their credit cards out hopefully).

The popper on my shirt just burst open as I stretched, so, unfortunately, Christmas is still being felt in all the wrong places.

That image has probably brought most of you to the end of your tethers with this, so I will stop.

The next post will be about bespoke shoes I promise. I have an interesting pair of oxfords to make (the last is challenging let's say) and a pair of dark burgundy cordovan monk shoes...mmm!