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Thursday, 23 October 2008

What's good for the Goose....

Had a great time last night at Chateau Grey Goose, concealed in a seductively styled, edgy venue. The young, hip and fashionable admired a selection of beautiful cocktail bars which were then auctioned off, raising a generous amount of money for a very important cause.

One or two who may be rueing the generous proportions of the cocktails this morning, but I'm relived not to be one of them. (Vodka and I have a past!)

As an admirer of all things male (hard not to be as a men's shoemaker), it was an honour to be in the presence of one of my personal sartorial heroes - Mr Ozwald Boateng - the epitome of contemporary tailoring in a perfectly cut, long line jacket. Never one for being star-struck, I'm afraid to confess I transformed into a mumbling fool on meeting him.

GG thanks for a great night!