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D W Frommer II, Bootmaker

Supplies - Tools For Sale

On this page you can buy

  • a complete shoemaker's tool kit
  • individual shoemaker's tools
Please note, our minimum order is £20

Basic Shoemaker's Tool Kit

This is a basic tool kit with the specialist shoemaker's tools and waxes you will need to make a pair of handsewn shoes. There are other tools you will need but these are generally available from hardware stores.

Price £204 plus shipping

It contains the following tools:

Lasting pliers. Bought individually £35

A flat knife. This will need sharpening by you. Bought individually £7.50

Welting awl blade and handle. Bought individually £20

Stitching awl blade and handle. Also known as flat awl or continental awl. Bought individually £20

Shoemakers tape measure in inches on one side. Centimetres and shoe sizes on the other. Bought individually £10

Silver pen. Bought individually £4

Curved sleeking bone (real bone). Bought individually £7

French shape hammer. Bought individually £47

1 edge iron. You will have to say the size, 5/16", 1/4" etc. Bought individually £75

1 heel iron. Bought individually £31

Other Tools

Please email us if you are interested. Please include your shipping address


Fudge wheel for marking your stitches. Please specify the size, eg, 10 to the inch, 8 to the inch etc

Price £42 plus shipping

Spirit burner for heating your irons - comes with one wick

Price £40 plus shipping

NEW! Shoe covers - heat with a hair dryer and shrink on to protect your precious shoes. Available in medium (UK sizes 6 - 9) and large (UK sizes 8 - 12

£2.25 per pair plus shipping

Please email us to place an order


Happy shoemaking!