"Frankly, I think the blog is the best one devoted to shoemaking on the Internet."

D W Frommer II, Bootmaker

Supplies - Materials For Sale

On this page you can buy
  • complete shoemaking packs
  • rough stuff leather (English oak bark tanned cow hide for soles, insoles, heels, etc)
  • lasts
  • uppers
  • hemp thread, thread wax, bristles and tar
Please note, our minimum order is £20
    Making Packs

Let carr├ęducker take the difficulty out of sourcing all the materials you need for making a pair of shoes. We can sell you two different Making Packs which will get you started.

Making Pack 1    Cost £330 plus shipping

This is the complete pack which will allow you to make a pair of handsewn shoes as long as you have the tools to do it. All the rough stuff is English oak bark tanned cow hide, very good quality (it's what we use ourselves)

It includes:

A pair of standard lasts in a UK size of your choice.

Individual price £80

A pair of calf Derby/Oxford shoe uppers in a colour of your choice to fit the above last. Caps, counters, brogue punching optional.

Individual price £180.

A rough stuff pack including

Cork Filler
Split lifts
Heel Lifts
Heel Top-Pieces

This is all the leather you need to make the shoes. It is top quality English oak bark tanned cow hide

Individual price £80

Hemp thread -  a 250g spool of hemp thread for making your threads. It breaks very well for the tapers at each end. Perfect for shoemakers everywhere. There is enough for more than 15 pairs of shoes.

Individual price £21

Thread wax, (made by us using beeswax, colophony and tallow) and tar for attaching bristles.

Individual price £10


Individual price £1

Making Pack 2 This is for people who have made one pair and have their lasts. It is the same as Pack 1, but without the lasts.

All of the above are available individually - see individual price

Cost: £260

NEW! Shoe Covers - heat them with a hair dryer and shrink them onto your precious uppers to protect them while you are making the shoes

£2.25 per pair plus shipping

Please email us if you are interested in any of the above materials