About The Carreducker Blog

Since we started the blog, it has become a useful resource for people around the world, who are making shoes by hand; for those who aspire to the handsewn craft; and for those who simply have an interest in shoes and shoemaking.

The blog has grown from its origins as a 'how-to' guide - as have our interests, experiences and expertise - to now include leather work; the shoemaking school; the wider shoe industry here in the UK; conferences, talks and events; the day-to-day of running the business; and general, workshop life. 

Shoemaking is our passion and our profession; and we fundamentally believe in sharing our knowledge as guardians of this heritage trade. By sharing our experiences and expertise we aim to not only preserve the craft tradition, but to encourage people to take up making for themselves, so that they too can reap the benefits to well-being that it brings.  

Writing a weekly blog is both interesting and fun to do and we hope that you find it a useful resource and a good read. If you are a fan, please follow us at carreducker on Facebook and Instagram too.

Happy making!