New Shoe Making Tools in The Tool Shed

Hello again to all the gentle shoe folk of the world . We hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.

This week we are bringing you new products from the Carreducker Tool Shed, our online tool shop for shoe making tools and materials.

We have an array of new tools for sale which will enhance your shoe making experience and complete that all important tool collection. Yes, we realise that, sometimes, just having your hands on the tool is enough #wantit

And as a little thank you to our loyal blog readers, we are offering a 10% discount on these six new tools until Sunday midnight - get in quick!

First up is a small but very important addition to your tool box, a lasting pin. Made from tool steel in England, this pin, measuring 8cm, is essential for taking out the lasts after finishing the shoes.

It will only work with lasts with a hinge breaking mechanism, not the older style cone lasts.

The simplest way to use it is in the jaws of a bench vice which must be bolted to the bench in order to work.

It costs £20.25 and is on sale in our online store

The next tool is a specialist grooving tool which we use for making the groove in the channel for the sole stitches to sit in.

It was made as a staple remover but we will grind it for you to make it suitable for the job

Made in England, it is a bargain at £25.34 at our online tool shop. Our workshop name for it is a vulture because of its beaky point

Up next in our parade of beautiful tools is a roughing tool for breaking the skin surface of the heel lifts to stop them squeaking.

It can be used as an alternative to glassing the leather. Use it lightly as it is a bit savage, hence its nick name, the killer toothbrush.

It costs £17.26 and is available here

We really like these dividers because they have such a good weight in the hand.

 A firm locking system.

And sharp points which make it very useful for marking out the welts.

They cost £23.40 which may seem like a lot for dividers, but they will be the only ones you will ever need.

Pro dividers are available here

You might think that nippers are nippers and they are pretty much all the same. Well, some nippers are more nippery than others, and these are the nipperiest nippers we have found.

They have really hard, sharp teeth that don't deteriorate with clipping nails.

And they have long handles which makes clipping nails very easy.

Also great for removing nails

They cost £43.86, again, at the high end of the market, but they are worth it and will last many years and many pairs of shoes - available here

And last, but not least is a nail hammer. We like this one because it has a good weight (12oz head) and a long hickory handle.

Hammers are a very personal choice and different people like different weights, but we use this one in class and the students generally like it. Great for hammering nails.

It costs £26.92 and is available here.

And that, as they say is a wrap. We hope you are tempted by these additions to the Tool Shed. And don't forget the discount on orders until Sunday night UK time

Until next week, happy shoemaking!