Batten Riding Boots

Welcome back good shoemakers! We've had a wonderful week not least a visit to the depths of Northamptonshire to visit Maud vdB who was training with us earlier in the yea and is apprenticed at Horace Batten (one of the best kept secrets in the country). Horace Batten make beautiful riding boots, the way they always have been, by hand. Here's a quick behind-the-scenes tour...

Boots in the making room

The closing and pattern room

Sanding heels

Nothing goes to waste
Winter warmth


Vigorous cleaning to get them into shape
The hand stitched throat
and finished

Hand stitched inside the throat - Maud's beautiful work

Maud making a pair of boots
Stitching the seat ; the sole and heel are then stitched to this for extra strength

Boot tops in a multitude of beautiful colours


and old.

Stitch detail inside 

For wrenching heels off

Historic boots from the archives 

with  amazing stories to tell!
That's all from us for this week. Thank you to Emma, Maud and the fantastic team at Horace Batten for being so generous with their time and such a wonderful glimpse into their world of boots Until next week happy shoemaking!