Summer School

Welcome back fellow shoemaking enthusiasts and we hope that you are having a good summer wherever you are ...or a good winter, if you're on the other side of the hemisphere!

We've had a packed summer of teaching with students from the UK, the USA, Norway and Italy. It's been great fun, we've met some lovely people and some beautiful shoes have been made.

Most recently we were joined by Synne Kaasin, Head of Product Development for the original penny loafer company, Aurlands in Norway; classic loafers being made in a beautiful place...take a look here... (we weren't jealous at all!)   

Synne made a chic pair of black Derby shoes with a straight toecap. She had a great time, despite the London heat wave...

Synne's shoes, finished and polished; great work!

Maybe we'll get an invitation out to Norway one day :) ...

And now we're enjoying shoemaking with Lorenzo from Lugano, another beautiful region of clean air, clear waters and blue skies! It's his first time making, but he's proving very capable.


He's proving a very able shoemaker and is flying through the process, already building heels and with four days still to go. 

That's all for this week. We'll have news of the autumn classes, London Design Week and the 2020 Shoemakers Conference next week. Until then happy shoemaking!