All things bespoke

Hello once more, dear readers, new and old. We hope you have had a great week.

This week we are going to share a pair of shoes which we made for a couple of very good customers who both wanted to own a pair of black crocodile shoes.

First up is this pair of beauties.

The part we enjoyed most about the making was the stacked leather heel - always a challenge.

This shot really shows the beauty of the heel. We don't make women's shoes very often so it is nice to have the variety.

We really enjoyed designing this pair as the design was so cool and simple - a plain oxford but with no laces. This posed a few problems as we had to put an elastic gusset under the tongue. The fitting was a challenge but we got there in the end.
They also had a cranberry red lining which was a subtle touch of luxury.


We ordered 4 skins as each pair needs 2 skins so that you can match the scales on the left and right shoes.

The gloss finish is really beautiful and shows off the beauty of the scales of the skin.

The other pair was a pair of simple loafers without a band. Because there was no band, the apron was a challenge to stitch, but the result was excellent.

With crocodile, we always suggest that the style be very simple because the scales of the skin can do all the work and a complicated shoe style would make the whole effect too busy.

We think both these pairs of shoes follow that principle.

And last up is a monogrammed toe medallion. These are quite popular with our customers as they really personalise the shoes.

This was a PH monogram. When we do this, we try to make the design slightly abstract so that the medallion is not too obvious.

Getting the size right is key with a toe medallion.

We will post images of the finished shoes as soon as we can.

And that is about it for this week. We hope you enjoyed the post and that you also have a great week. Until next time, happy shoemaking!