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Friday, 31 August 2018

Shoe Polishing, Key Fob Making and Handsewn Shoemaking at MakeMore Festival

Welcome back good shoe enthusiasts of the world and here we are at the end of a busy summer with two shoe making classes, one pattern class and one Festival under our belts; refreshed and ready to do more! 

We had such lovely visitors over the five days of the Festival...and enthusiastic participants! 

Thursday and Friday night we demonstrated shoe making and ran shoe care and polishing classes, serving a glass or two of wonderful Teeling whiskey in the cosy Yodomo dome.

We set up  our trestle tables with horsehair brushes, Saphir cream and polish, water spritzers and a load of old rags

Some of the polishing got a little competitive....who could buff to the highest shine! 

And it wasn't all work and no play, there was whiskey to be drunk and fun to be had chatting with everyone

Saturday and Sunday were saddle stitch taster classes with small groups braving what turned out to be a slightly wet weekend to make key fobs under Frankey's watchful eye and careful guidance.

Brogue pattern punched

Sorting out hands and needles

Threading the needles

Stitching under way

Some great, straight lines of stitching
And feeling rightfully proud of the finished results...

James and I both had a second go at saddle stitch with much better results this time, we just need a bit more practise! Let's just say, it was good to get back to the familiar ground of shoemaking for our demonstrations.

So until next week, a cheeky "Cheers!" and happy shoe making.