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Friday, 13 July 2018

12-Day Intensive Shoe Making Course, July 2018 - Week 1

Hello again to one and all, we hope you have had a great week

To really get the new school in the groove, we have been running the first 12-day intensive shoe making course there this week

It was smaller group of 3 which meant that any teething problems were easy to sort out, but the school looks to be functioning just great and is a lovely environment for learning.

We set up the classroom ready for a 9.30 start on Monday morning with lasts, uppers, a tool kit, a rough stuff pack and course notes.

And in the first day, we covered knife sharpening - an essential skill.

We also we blocked the insoles and skived the toe puffs and stiffeners.

Blocking the insole

Insoles blocked and ready to dry for Tuesday.

With the insoles blocked and dried, Tuesday saw us preparing the insole for lasting.

Preparing the holdfast or feather

Cutting the holdfast

Wednesday was lasting, stretching the uppers over the lasts with the toe puffs ans stiffeners between the lining and the upper.

Thursday and Friday,  we spent the time welting which is the basis of the construction we do. They prepared the welts and made threads. This is a challenge but very rewarding and the students did a great job.

Concentrating on welting!

And we wanted to show you our beautiful new table, forged in Sheffield

Our beautiful new table base made from cast iron

Class continues tomorrow, Saturday (this is hardcore shoemaking!) and we will bring you the results next week.

Until then, happy shoemaking!