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Friday, 29 June 2018

New Bespoke Shoes

Hello once more to one and all. We hope you have had a good week.

London has been basking in wonderful summer sunshine and we have had to turn on the air conditioning which is quite an unusual occurence. We were hotter than Greece yesterday. Marvellous!

Our Korean one to one student, Jove finished a pair of shoes this week with a fiddle waist which we think was really well executed, so well done to him.

This week we delivered a pair of handsome Derby shoes to an American customer who was here on business. They were his second pair, so we thought we would show both styles to you.

He has a challenging fit and it took a couple of fittings to crack it, but we got there and he is very happy.

First up was a pair of black monk shoes made with our signature Carreducker buckle

They were made with a 1/4 inch sole and bevelled waist.

And a royal blue kid lining with a black finish all round.

 Three piece shoe trees finished them off. Rather handsome!

After he had broken them in, they fitted really well and he decided to order another pair, this time a pair of Derbies in Longchamp calf leather which is a beautiful tan with a hint of burnt orange - very cool and distinctive.

Again, he chose a 1/4 inch sole with a bevelled waist

But with this pair he chose a natural finish all round for a more casual look, great with a summer suit or jeans. We particularly like the hand stay stitch on the facings.

They looked really great on and the customer was very pleased. Now to break them in. Slowly

We have five solid weeks of intensive shoe making and pattern making courses starting in July, so next week we will be getting ready for those. Can't wait to meet all our new students

Until next week, happy shoe making!