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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Chocolate Studios Open Day

Welcome back good shoe folk...the Easter eggs have been consumed and now it's time to embrace spring with a full on spring clean. 

Luckily our new work space is fast taking shape, so we will soon be able to move over some of our tools and equipment, finally freeing up space in W9!

Here's what we got up to this you can see it's been all about the peg board wall.

Marking up the wall

...very carefully

Spacing the vertical batons

Now, is that straight...testing the shoe maker's expert eye

Horizontal baton ready

Boards going up


With help

Securing the bottom struts

Securing the top struts

All set and ready for tools to be added
A new space has also meant a little bit of shopping. Our first item of furniture arrived this week a beautiful, tambour-fronted cupboard for evening students' work boxes to be stored column for each of our three classes.   

As always someone found the packaging more interesting than the contents

Lighting gets an overhaul next's one of three sets of bright work lights going in (Kelly this one's for you)

...soon to be followed by vintage chairs and a spectacular new work table from Sheffield. (The table is going to be a thing of beauty and we can't wait to show you). 

We'll be hosting an Open Day during London Craft Week from 11am - 6pm on Friday, May 11th so if you're in town let us know and we'll put a glass of bubbly on ice to welcome you to 50 Chocolate Studios.

Until next week, happy shoe making and we leave you with a glimpse of the studio's new neighbourhood a mix of wonderful old housing, warehouses and new glass high rises...