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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Tor boots and new horizons

A touch of snow on the tors...

Welcome back good shoe folk, we are snow free but still chilled here in the south of England. Thanks to some valiant efforts on the part of the William Lennon team, against some impressive weather (see above)...the final few Tor boots from our Kickstarter arrived this week and are being duly dispatched. There are a few re-sizes still to come and some new orders, which is exciting, and the reactions of backers has been amazing!

A much-awaited pair of shearling-lined, bespoke winter boots were finished this week and have gone for trees to be fitted. As you can see, they're going to be great in the snow with a full shearling lining and footbed and grippy rubber tread.

Knee-high, shearling lined bespoke snow boots

We also received some new polish brush samples - rather beautiful don't you think? They're wooden with a horn back and just narrow enough at the tip to get into the welt. A perfect reminder to step up the shoe-care after all the snow, salt, sleet and grit!

The bespoke boots were finished despite the workshop being full of a furry distraction e.g. Arthur He's gradually getting used to his commute in to the workshop and to enjoy a day of local park outings and chewing on the best oak bark tanned leather! 

Listening intently

A rare moment - sitting quietly

Not getting in the way as Jove records finishing tips
With spring in the air and new premises on the horizon (more to come on this next week), we have put our minds to preparing new teaching aids and updating some long-in-the-tooth ones.

Preparing an insole - marking the holdfast

Cutting out the inside edge of the holdfast

Levelling off the outside edge of the holdfast for a clean edge finish

Well-spaced stitching holes

Finally a beautiful gift arrived in the post this week - this wonderful knife. It's spec. is phenomenal - Japanese folded blade and ancient bog wood handle - and we're hoping to do more development work on a shoe making knife in the coming weeks. Exciting times!

Until next week, we wish you happy shoe making!