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Sunday, 4 February 2018

New Year New Shoes

Hola a todo el mundo! That is for our dear readers in Ecuador whose numbers have spiked this week - we hope you like the blog and find inspiration.

Good things come in twos, so this week we are posting two new pairs of bespoke shoes.

First up is a pair of Barkan desert boots from our Bespoke Editions service. This is a range of wardrobe essentials for existing bespoke customers - they are hand lasted and hand welted on the customer's last and then the sole is stitched on by machine or cemented depending on the style.

This pair is in dove grey St Crispins Baby Calf which is a pure veg tanned burnishing leather. We love it because once burnished, it has a depth and variety of tone which is truly beautiful. Think browns, pinks and creams - gorgeous!

And the second pair are these claret red, Horween Shell Cordovan monk shoes with gold buckles and a sticker sole for those slippery, wet city streets. After a generous clean and nourishment with Saphir Cordovan cream they have been given a good polish and military shine on the toes. 

Rather handsome don't you think?

That's all from us for now, so until next week, happy shoe making!

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