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Friday, 17 March 2017

Tool of the Week - Narrow Nosed Lasting Pliers

Hello, once more to one and all. Welcome to this week's post. We hope you enjoy it.

Following the great response to last week's post on the square awl, we thought we would continue discussing our favourite shoemaking tools, and no, I'm not referring to myself here.

This week we are looking at our beloved narrow nosed lasting pliers, small but punching well above their weight

The ones we use are made by Schein and have certain features which we really like. They are really well balanced and sit easily in your hand. This also helps greatly when you come to hammer in the nails.

They have really nice sharp teeth so that you can easily grip the leather - don't take nails out with them as you will blunt the teeth.

And they have good serration on the foot so that when you are hammering the nails in, you get a good grip for the pliers.

These lasting pliers are ideal for those hard to reach places, particularly the toe. And for going between nails that you have already put in and you want to flatten out the leather between them.

They can also be used as your main lasting pliers around the toe.

First you grab some leather with the lasting pliers.

 Then you put the nail in place.

Hammer it in with the grippy foot.

If you fancy trying a pair of these fantastic lasting pliers you can see them in action in below

...then you can buy them in the Tool Shed along with loads of other great shoemaking tools.

 And that's all, folks. Have a great week and we will catch up again next time. Until then, happy shoemaking!