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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Intensive Shoemaking Course London - Part II

Welcome back good shoe folk of the world! 

What a 12-day marathon of shoemaking our students have been on... and what great wonder their toes are tapping! On Saturday they finished and here's the photo diary from their last week...

Preparing to fit the shank and cork

Fudging the welt ready for stitching

Stitching the sole

Peening the heel layers together

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Bond
After heel building and some considerable hours of rasping....
it was down to some serious glassing and then...



and more sanding...

Heads down working hard...

Once the edges were set, it was time to turn attention to the sole surface

Edges set
and yet more glassing

And sanded
Heel glassed and sanded too


Time for some careful inking

Carmelito burnishing his heels with wax as Rick snips the heads off the odd stray nail inside his shoes
Then, with a justified sense of pride, it was time to get their shoes on....

Brittney..celebrating the joy of finishing her shoes with a cracking pair of socks!

Amazing work everyone - well done.

A well-earned glass of bubbly, cake and certificates of course!

Apologies for the handsyness to Mr Bond, my post-production editing wasn't great! 

Now all of you, on to your next pair! Until Friday, happy shoemaking!

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