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Friday, 26 May 2017

New Bespoke Shoes

Hello once more, dear readers, we hope you have had a great week.

With the arrival of the sunshine and with a spring in our step, we would like to share a couple of pairs of recent bespoke shoes with you.

First up is a pair of Oxford shoes in a large scotch grain. They are slightly unusual in that most often, people associate Oxford shoes with a more dressy look and grain leathers with a more casual look. But here they are combined to give a great result. We think they would look equally at home in the boardroom or the pub.

The colour is a warm chestnut which would compliment most suit colours or a pair of indigo jeans.

The two lines of 2:1 punching on the counter and cap give that bespoke flavour to the shoes.

Luckily, the customer's feet are an elegant narrow shape, so they give the shoes a sleeker silhouette. We gave the toes a good shine to give the shoes a touch of distinction.

All in all, a great first pair which the customer is very happy with.

Next up is a really interesting pair of low Chelsea boots with an asymmetric vamp and dark purple patina - very cool.

We love this style, very contemporary and unique but with a retro Star Trek vibe - "Beam me up, Scotty".

The patina is a combination of navy, black and purple which really pings in sunlight.

The high shine shows off the colour variation.

 And we fitted them with 3-piece bespoke boot trees made by our expert lastmaker.

Pretty cool - I want a pair!

And that is it for this week. We hope you liked the shoes and we look forward to welcoming you back next week. Until then, happy shoemaking!

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Brandon said...

Not usually a fan of chelseas, but those are lovely.