Tool of the week - Square or Continental Awl

Welcome back, shoemaking enthusiasts! We've had a wonderful week of shoemaking with plenty of sole stitching. So we though it was time to make the square or continental awl our "Tool of the Week".

A mushroom-shaped awl handle is our preferred shape,
as it sits comfortably in the hand 

The square or continental awl blade is shaped like a hockey stick
with a thick side profile...

And narrow knife-like top profile


Angle of entry

Push through

And out the other side

Left bristle through first, pull it back and slide the right bristle underneath

Pull both threads through together...right hand up and left hand down

Wrap each thread around your first two fingers and
give a firm pull to settle the stitch onto the leather
and into the channel

That's all for this week. Until next week happy shoemaking!