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Friday, 2 December 2016

Shoe Making School Success

Welcome back fellow shoe fans and shoe folk. There's been a flurry of activity amongst our evening and one-to-one students with a raft of them finishing their shoes all at once.

Jon finished last week, Charlie the week before and this week it was Maurizio and Derrek's turn. Vincent is not far behind.

Charlie thread making in the sunshine

Perfecting her one-legged, 'flamingo pose' for twisting the threads

The finished shoes

Admiring her handy work.

Charlie is a sculptor and so she was fascinated about the materials we work with and their various properties as much as the construction. She left inspired to bring leather and particularly oak bark tanned leather into her work. We can't wait to see how her ideas evolve.

Maurizio's beautifully fitting Derby's
Maurizio is a very skilled leather worker and bag and shoe repairer. His foray into handsewn shoemaking included much that he already knew and much that he didn't. He is still a lover of machinery, which is fine, but we hope he's developed a place in his heart for the handsewn craft too.

...made in just two terms
Denim blue laces and conker brown shoes - a lovely colour combination

Fanni is on her third pair of shoes and her confidence and skills are growing considerably with each pair. Building stacked leather heels is a challenging task, but as her current pair prove she  has taken it like a duck to water!

Fanni working on her turquoise low boots. (Foot size and boot envy going on)...
a great colour and fantastic heel building!

Luke stitching away on his second shoe
Vincent concentrating hard painting his heels soles -
the forepart will be covered with a rubber sticker sole

Vincent settled at the workbench working on his square, sharp sole and heels edges.
Not a cuban heel in sight...great finishing!

Derrek setting his edges - seriously shiny!

Derrek's finished shoes with red laces

Socked and fitting fine. 

And so with those great results, congratulations to everyone who has trained with us this year and we look forward to seeing many more of you next year - old friends and new alike! Places are already booking up for all of our courses next year, so if you would like to join us please send us your forms as soon as possible. 

And don't forget, we are offering the full set in New York in May - clicking, closing, pattern making and shoemaking - so don't miss out.

Until next week, happy shoemaking!