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Friday, 4 November 2016

Christmas at Cockpit Arts and Craft Magazine's FREE Christmas Shopping Guide


Welcome back shoe enthusiasts! I don't know if you've noticed but suddenly Christmas is less than eight weeks away. How did that happen? I've only just finished complaining about shops putting up their Christmas displays super early and its nearly upon us! 

So to get you in the mood here's a little taster of some of the fabulousness Christmas Open Studios in Bloomsbury has to offer in a few weeks time... 

On sale £100

It's a wrap - Crafts Magazine's FREE Gift Guide
Recognise the 'hands of Carreducker'? Here are our velvet slippers featured in Crafts Magazine's FREE Christmas Gift Guide. Thanks CM, super generous! So take a look here for a selection of beautiful, meaningful, crafted inspired gifts....and then come along to Cockpit Arts and shop until you drop!

We can't promise he'll be here when you pop in to buy a pair of resort shoes in our end of season sale...but if you're in any doubt about the Winkers Resort Shoes cool factor? Here's Mr. David Gandy channelling Gregory Peck on location for GQ Mexico. What's that he's sporting on his feet? Oh yes, a pair of Winkers Resort Shoes. Ta da!

Until next week, when JimmyShoe will be back in the co-pilot's seat relaxed and tanned...happy shoemaking!