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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Too quiet; pegging; Crafts Magazine and a rainbow

We've enjoyed a lovely 12 days teaching Barbara and Johanna, but the studio suddenly felt very empty yesterday when they finished.

They've been great company and we've had plenty of time to answer questions and....given recent political put the world to rights of course! 

Barbara made shoes for her husband (lucky man) and it was great when he came in to try them on. Relief all round...they were a perfect fit and he was delighted. 

We just thought how lucky he was to have had such lovely shoes made for him!

Johanna has a relaxing summer break planned before she starts her new hedge fund job. We think that she'll be showing the other Directors a thing or two about style when she stalks the boardroom in these handsome Derbies. (We did suggest toe plates to command even more authority....)

She chose a pair of pale blue laces to go with her tan uppers...perfect with the natural edge finish. Style and power...those young upstarts had better look out ;)

Taking measurements

And because they'd both worked so hard, we had a relaxing last day polishing, having lunch together and then taking it in turns to measure their feet.


Hard on the knees!

Trying things out

Barbara, who works for the Museum of Vienna, was previously a conservator and has been teaching herself to make shoes.

These are details from the pigskin booties she had made....they were a very simple style with a really lovely,  slightly Edwardian aesthetic....

And, my favourite....they were pegged.

Even the lace holes were an interesting shape.

The joy of exploring a craft for yourself is that you develop your own approach and the finished footwear has a unique style...I think that's so exciting and so important.

Crafts Magazine

We were really excited when the new issue of Crafts Magazine appeared. ...we got a front cover mention and a wonderful feature. 

Looking ahead

And we leave you with a rainbow (or two) of hope.....I'm sure you've noticed that things are a bit unsteady over here at the moment....hope that our EU friends around the country will continue to see this island as their home.

Until next week, happy shoemaking.