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Friday, 20 May 2016

£4000 to go on Kickstarter, Shoe Snobs, Footwear News and the Royal Academy

It's been a very busy week promoting the Kickstarter campaign, seeing clients for fittings and celebrating Cockpit Arts 30th anniversary.

We're really excited that the campaign is continuing on a steady trajectory, but we really need all the help we can get to smash that £18k target. Please SHARE

We've had some great support in the media and online with the latest on Footwear News in the US

and Justin Fitzpatrick aka The Shoe Snob's fantastically prolific blog... 

If you want a shoe man's opinion then Justin's is the go-to blog so, if you don't already, do follow him.

We've also been celebrating Cockpit Arts 30th year anniversary this year and I was delighted to join Cockpit alumni, jeweller Jane Adams and hand loom weaver Catarina Riccabona at the Royal Academy this morning to share our business stories, hosted by Cockpit Arts CEO Vanessa Swann. There were many common strands - starting in a garden shed, changing career, struggling to get started, sharing skills, moving into a stand-alone space - and we enjoyed the opportunity to share our journeys so far with  the Friends of the RA over a delicious breakfast.

Short and sweet...until next week, happy shoemaking.