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Friday, 15 April 2016

Desert Boot Kickstarter Campaign launches in May

Welcome back fellow shoemakers! The sun is shining and we're awash with wonderful samples. The Barkan Desert Boot samples from Suffolk are done and dusted and look awesome! 
The boots are named after Barkans, those magnificent crescent shape sand dunes shaped by the desert wind.

Sossusvlei: Roaring Dunes
Image copyright: The Cardboard Box Travel Shop

We visited the slightly less dramatic, but no less beautiful Suffolk countryside recently to visit the factory where the boots being made and to film them for our new Kickstarter Campaign. 

The Rendlesham village sign
As you can see above, it was a blue-sky day!

Here is an assortment of images from the factory with the colours that will be available. They are named after the towns and villages around Rendlesham.

We are using Italian veg tanned leather for two of the Barkans which is really lovely and will age beautifully, especially the Rendlesham, forming a natural patina over time.

The Rendlesham in veg. tanned leather with natural crepe sole
The Snape and Rendlesham
The Eyke in sandstone nubuck
A burst of colour from the Woodbridge, Aldeburgh and Saxmundham

All colours are available in a choice of natural crepe or super lightweight rubber 

Hot pink Saxmundham

Aldeburgh purple

A burst of colour

Rendlesham in delicious Cognac Italian veg. tanned leather 

A natural leather that ages will tell the tales of your adventures
We hope that you like them? We will let you know when the Kickstarter campaign is going to launch next month, as there will be some wonderful rewards available to you early birds out there.

Please contact us if you are interested and want to be kept in the loop about the Barkans. And please also share this with friends you think might like them - Carreducker needs you!

Anyway bespoke news next week - (we know we promised it for this week but couldn't wait to show you these beauties) - so, until then, happy shoemaking!