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Friday, 25 March 2016

Winkers Are Go!

A big hello to one and all. We hope you have had a great week. We have been really busy with the new Winkers - it's been emotional!

On Monday, we went to the factory in Yorkshire to do the quality control on the order and get the shoes sent to the fulfilment company.

We arrived bright and early and got straight to work quality controlling; tissue wrapping; boxing; and attaching labels. 

Winkers wrapped in tissue and boxed
First box in - can you tell we're excited?
The first box in the first packing box
A full box

Other full boxes
Our packing table

It was very exciting to see them all and the quality was fantastic. Four and a half hours later of non-stop packing and we were done!

We were thrilled with the quality. There were only three from the whole order which needed improvement and they were sorted on the same day. So all in all a great result - a massive thank you to Kamil and the guys in Sheffield

It was a long day (train at 7.30 am!), but we arrived home tired and happy. So all you Kickstarter supporters keep an eye our for your shoes in the next few weeks. They will be with the fulfillment house on Tuesday, if Parcelforce get their act together, in the very safe hands of A Fine Pair Of Shoes.

This week we also had delivery of our new branded shoe bags for Carreducker Bespoke, Carreducker London and the Carreducker Shoemaking School. Love love love!

Going with the theme of new branding, we have also replaced our bespoke sole stamp and commissioned a new sock stamp for the forthcoming desert boots. More love for these too...

Aren't they sharp?

Here in England it''s a holiday over the Easter four days off for me and a week for Madame Shoe....and time to be with friends and family. We wish you and yours a very happy Easter too.

I will be back next week. Until then, happy shoemaking!