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Friday, 18 March 2016

Shoe Publicists and Shoe Fitters

Exciting times ahead at Carreducker London headquarters - we're delighted to welcome Ozi Enver to the world of men's shoes. Ozi will be handling our press relations in the coming months, particularly for the Carreducker London R2W shoes. We're really looking forward to working with him and to getting to know more style and fashion bloggers/press this year. 

Photo courtesy of Mustafa Batibeniz

Whilst Ozi will be looking after our image and making sure our shoes get out there, we've been taking a professional qualification - yes, letters after our names - with the Society of Shoe Fitters. They are a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1959 to help to ensure that, wherever possible, shoe retailers are staffed by qualified fitters who can advise the general public.


The course was at The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists brand new offices in a favourite part of London, Bermondsey, near Tower Bridge.

If you have anything to do with making, selling or designing shoes then you should really take one of their'd be amazed at the gems that we picked up today. As they say "you never stop learning" and for anyone involved in shoes that certainly is the case. 

After a morning of really interesting and helpful anatomy training with Gwenda Carter  MChS, FCPodMed, MSSF, we settled down to an afternoon of practicals. Mr Ducker jumped at the chance to be a guinea pig

And the fabulous double act (their description not ours) of Maureen Unsworth FSSF and Rosemary Gray MSSF put us through our paces. What these ladies don't know about shoes, shoe fitting and shoe retail isn't worth knowing. 

Reviewing the fit - heel to ball, flex, heel and gait
Feeling the quarters, top line, ankle bones and overall fit 

Looking at the wear of the shoe...outside
and inside.
These 18 year olds passed the inspection

Measuring the feet using a Startrite gauge  

Maureen and Rosemary were the perfect combination of great fun and extensive knowledge. They reminded us why a qualified shoe fitter is so important...did you know that you need to be qualified to be a hairdresser, a dentist or a beautician but anyone can sell shoes...particularly for children's shoes. 

Here is some food for thought...

  • Babies feet are mostly cartilage 
  • Babies shouldn't be put in proper shoes until they have been walking independently for 6 - 8 weeks
  • A child's bones do not fully finish developing until they are in their late teens
  • Well fitting shoes in childhood will help to avoid problems later 
  • Foot problems are costing our health service millions, which could be saved and spent on those who really need help, if qualified shoe fitters were on hand to advise at point of sale.
  • nobody, but not children in particular, should wear second hand or hand-me-down shoes
So, huge respect to the Society for the work that it is doing to bring this to the Government's attention. 

We are very excited to say that we are going to Yorkshire next week to quality control our first Winkers order and getting the Kickstarter orders sent out. The Winkers e-commerce pages will go live soon after. Exciting times indeed!

Until next week, happy shoemaking