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Monday, 15 February 2016

Well Worn Shoes and Wet Worn Shoes

Greetings once more, dear readers. We hope this post finds you in fine spirits and happily immersed in the wonderful world of shoemaking.

Our apologies for the late posting this week, but there were crossed wires and we each thought the other was doing the posting. So if you missed our jottings during your breakfast on Friday, we are sorry.

As you saw a couple of weeks ago, we have been reacquainted with some old shoes, made ten years ago. Well this week we also had sight of a more recent pair which were returned to us for a couple of tweaks

They are a button boot made from reverse suede and shrunken calf with vintage resin buttons and a military ribbon tug - rather beautiful and some of our favourite boots of recent times

The customer brought them back because he was finding the heels slippery in the wet and because he wanted toe plates on the sole.

So, being very obliging shoemakers, we made the following adjustments

Fingers crossed the fixes work

We have also repaired one of the old shoes we posted two weeks ago.

We put an anti-slip sock in them

And restitched the bands.

We also gave them a polish which improved their appearance no end.

We will post the other repair next week - we are in the middle of a resole which is a major repair.

Until then, happy shoemaking!

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