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Friday, 30 October 2015

Stepping out - Carreducker ready to wear shoes

This week has been like any other at the workshop... busy delivering bespoke shoes to customers, taking new orders and making shoes...but we've also been preparing for an exciting new direction for the company as we venture into the world of ready to wear.
The count down begins today as we gear up for our first ever Kickstarter campaign due to launch in the next couple of weeks. (If you haven't heard of Kickstarter before, it is a great way of attracting people to support your endeavours by pre-ordering soon-to-be-launched products).

So we've been...

...sourcing beautiful rewards

...getting the fit right

...and adjusting the design

....then putting together mood boards for inspiration

....and scrap books for telling the story

of the new shoes that we are making.

We have chosen a collection of fabrics from Designers Guild to make the shoes in...we think that they are beautiful. They are upholstery fabrics, so will be harder wearing than most, and ideal for light weight summer shoes.

Naturally the shoes are leather lined so are breathable - again great for summer - and have leather soles and heels so they are light-weight but smart.

That's all we can share for now. There will be more news each week as we get samples, finish our campaign and the launch date for the Kickstarter approaches...and of our bespoke shoes too of course, so please keep a look out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you want to find out more.

Finally, tomorrow is a big birthday for one of us...and although part of the day will be spent filming - ...fortunately the rest of the weekend will be spent celebrating. That's just how it is when you are the poster boy for the brand!
Photography: Jack Lawson
Please join me in wishing the lovely Mr Ducker a very happy birthday and until next week, happy shoemaking everyone!