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Friday, 18 September 2015

Carreducker do Linea Pelle September 2015 - Part 2

Welcome back happy shoemakers and here is our second dispatch from Linea Pelle. We loved our trip to Milan and found some wonderful architecture, art and fashion to enjoy in the late afternoon before flying home.

Two paces behind....too embarrassing to be walking alongside when he's not in Carreducker's!

The sweeping structures of Linea Pelle 

Striding into the great halls of leather for Day 2
Helipad or lost UFO?
Great mixes of texture, material and colour
Great colour and retro styling
A fascinating shoe sculpture with the platform crafted from layers and layers of leather
Leather flask
Extreme brogueing...I think that they missed a bit

Lovely lifestyle showcases
mixing old and new
Enjoying the curvy metro seats
and the compartment-less trains
The Duomo has had a wonderful spring clean
Fresh and sparkling in the sunshine

A wonderful shopping environment

and inspiring mixes of luxurious materials

Interesting off-set paving in a narrow alley
Mr Ducker eyeing up some titfers (hats)

Glorious Dolce 

...glorious glass
And a wonderful centrepiece made from shoe lasts in a Milanese shop
Then the long walk back to the airport
That's all from us in Milan. Back to the workbench, designing, fabric, clients and shoes. Until next week happy shoemaking!