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Friday, 10 July 2015

New bespoke shoes: Crocodile loafers and Norwegian welted walking boots

Welcome back blog fans, with Olivia in the throws of sole stitching and then heel building we've had the chance to capture two new bespoke commissions that are ready for delivery. The first are the croc loafers that James has been making...

Note the 'shover' shoetrees to protect the vamp but to avoid any stretch at the heel

And I finished the Norwegian welted walking boots I have been making. This handsome pair are finished with natural polish and a ridged rubber sole.

'Slightly deep toe spring so the feet don't get too tired
Three pairs of brass eyelets and three pairs of hooks

Sturdy 5/16" soles

Gently rounded toes
Strong, integral boot tugs 
Photos of Olivia's shoes next week - top pieces are going on today so it'll be finishing, finishing, finishing from here on in. Until then, happy shoemaking!