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Friday, 25 September 2015

New Evening Class Starting January 16

Once more, fellow shoe folk, we welcome you to our blog. Everything we write on here is for anyone to read and use. We aim to impart our knowledge to the widest audience possible so that this great trade of ours is spread al over the world. And we do it for free.

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After our trip to Linea Pelle, we have had the first of the samples from some of the tanneries we spoke to. We particularly looked at those which do veg tanning. There is an organisation of such tanneries called Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale. It's reflects the growing interest in sustainable tanning and we are very excited about using the skins. Some of them are very lovely indeed.

These are from Conceria Badalassi Carlo - yum!

This is the pamphlet that the association has put out and, with typical Italian flair, it is beautiful. The logo is the little hand at the top of the front page.

And so to some news about Carreducker. We are delighted to announce a second Evening Shoemaking Class starting in January 2016.

It will run on a Wednesday night from 6pm till 9pm and will follow the same programme as the Intensive Class, but in a longer format.

Students will be given a pair of lasts in their size along with a pair of uppers and, over three terms of ten weeks each, they will hand stitch a pair of welted shoes. Marvellous!

The pace of the class is relaxed and students work at their own rhythm. It is fun, sociable and remember - people who make shoes are generally really nice. So come on, get your aprons on!

We are taking bookings now, so if you are interested, get in touch on

Or call 02078130093

This is not on our website yet, but, in the VERY near future, our revamped website and NEW e-commerce site, The Tool Shed will be live.

And that's about your lot for this week. Until the next time, happy shoemaking!


Preston Feivor said...

Hi I have a question about shoe making and it seems to be just about the only one I can't find. When nailing in the heel of the shoe and it goes up and hits the last, when she shoe is finished how do you prevent stepping on the sharp point of the nail? Do you clip them down or something? Sorry if this has been answered but it seems like no one talks about it? Thank you so much for the help!

Madame Shoe said...

Hi Preston
Thanks for your question - it's a good one. We usually put a horseshoe of nails around the heel to hold it in place. These are 20mm nails. We only knock them in half way, then clip them close to the surface and punch them down below the surface. The next set of nails hold the split lift in place. We put them in half way, clip them and punch them below the surface.

So really there should only be a tiny bit of the nail tip pushing through the insole - if any. If it's more than 1mm sticking out, we clip it close to the surface and use the nail punch to punch it down. Then the foot is protected. We also put a little foam between the sock and the insole at the heel for added comfort.

Hope this helps.