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Friday, 31 July 2015

Finishing and Pattern Making for Bespoke Shoes

Welcome back shoe fans and here we are celebrating another successful pair of shoes. Jenna has been an evening class student for the past couple of terms but is relocating to Switzerland. After plenty of sole stitching homework she returned to London and rejoined us in the workshop last week just to get them finished. 

And finish them she did. Don't they look lovely?

Congratulations and hope that Andy enjoys them!

This week has been all about pattern making with Fiona Campbell taking a keen group through the foundations of creating a good bespoke pattern.

Unusually there were more women than men on the course this summer
Grant, Aijaz and Karina watching Fiona's demonstration closely
The standard, upper and lining patterns taking shape
A break in proceedings
Layered pattern pieces - beautiful in their own right
Fiona showing the techniques of pattern making
The Valentinas (a lovely name and we had two in the class), Matt, Barbara, Grant, Aijaz and Karina watching Fiona
Barbara and the group working on their patterns
Aijaz and Matt working on their patterns.
It was lovely to see Aijaz again - he is one of our New York shoemaking alumni!

Next week the intensive course gets under way when Matt, Grant and Valentina will be joined by Lisbet and Liesbeth (could get confusing!) making a pair of Derby shoes by hand. Looking forward to it guys and well done on a hard working week of pattern making!

Until next week, happy shoemaking!

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