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Saturday, 9 May 2015

New York Pattern Making for Bespoke Shoes Day 5 - the finale!

The last day and the group had a real treat - an impromptu day of closing!

They started off discussing how to go about cutting out the upper leather (clicking), then Jesse demonstrated some of the clicking techniques that she uses and they all had a go themselves. 

They learned how important it is to keep the knife upright... 

and even sharpened knives!

Jesse took them through the process of making a pair of uppers...

...and showed them two different assembly orders so they could think about what would work best for them.

Then it was all hands on deck as they got busy making the uppers. They were by no means perfect, but a really good first attempt!


The day ended with a celebratory glass and certificates!

Congratulations guys! Great work and see you next week ready for some shoemaking!

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