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Friday, 8 May 2015

New York Pattern Making for Bespoke Shoes Day 4

Day 4 saw the pattern making group using their existing Master Working Base from Day 1 and their Derby patterns to make an Oxford pattern. 

Together they drew the basic construction lines for the style and then each student drew their own Oxford style lines.  

There was a little “cheating” - they made xerox copies of their designs and used the copies to make paper drapes - but as they had done the Derby And Pumps by hand, Jesse wanted them to see that a xerox machine could also be a useful tool!  

Then it was back to paper and pencil as they made the rest of the Design Standard with an asymmetrical lining.  The room was very quiet with intense concentration and everyone working it's great to see their learning and confidence coming together.

In fact, they are doing so well that Jesse's business partner in Brooklyn Bespoke, Marika, has been giving them some extra hints and tips of her own and tomorrow the students will be enjoying a mega-intensive closing demonstration!

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