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Friday, 15 May 2015

New York Intensive Shoemaking Course May 15 - Days 4 and 5

And so the week speeds towards its end and Deborah is primed to take over next week. She arrives tomorrow and I leave Sunday morning. Our paths will cross like ships in the night

Yesterday saw us tackle welting with rather excellent results. After lasting over the forepart over the puffs and attaching bristles, our intrepid wouldbe shoemakers got stuck into hand welting.

The day started for some with thread making. Here they are twisting and waxing with the threads attached to hooks on the wall. We use hemp to make our threads.

They then lasted over the forepart over the toe puffs.

And started welting.


Hand welting in progress. Notice the mit they wear on the left hand so that they can tighten the stitch without hurting their hands.

We will finishe the welting today and move on to putting in the shanks and cork filler in readiness for attaching the soles which are mellowing (drying) as I write.

Deborah will fill you in on progress over the next few days.

Until then, happy shoemaking!

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