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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Carreducker Intensive Shoe Making course; August 2014 Days 4 - 6

The students are a lovely bunch but gradually the task ahead is dawning on them. Energy levels are already suffering and so is concentration. Sometimes however many times you say something it just won't go in!

Lasting linings and toe puffs
Making threads ready for welting

Threads twisted and waxed ready for welting

The Zen of welting - calmly, quietly getting on with it


...and quiet.
But it's already Saturday and we are half way through the course. Welting is finally finished. Today was pushing pushing pushing to get the shanks and cork on and welts trimmed.

But still no soles on. They're cutting it fine, so fingers crossed for trouble-free soling on Monday.

And now it's time for a well-earned drink in the sunshine...for the group and me! 
Until next week, happy shoemaking!

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