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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pattern Making for Bespoke Shoes Course - London Day 3 - August 2014

The midway point is here. How quickly a week flies by.

This morning started with our students flattening the forme of the Oxford they are working on.

This was followed by making the master standard and then the sectional or pattern pieces, including the overlays and underlays (allowances).

They then put the pieces together and checked how they fitted on the last.

Now this may sound straightforward but this is a lot of work because pattern making for bespoke shoes is complex and technical with a lot of input from Fiona, including demonstrations. And hard work from the students of course!

The class is fast moving and fun and the students are encouraged to collaborate and share knowledge - a great way to learn.

Tomorrow they will finish the Oxford by doing the linings and then move on to the final style they will be tackling this week, the Derby.

Until then, happy shoemaking!

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