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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Shoemaking Course, New York 2014 - Days 1, 2, and 3

So here we are again in sunny Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York for another Carreducker Intensive Shoemaking Course.

After the success of our first pattern making course here last week, two of those students continued on to some shoemaking. And along with three other aspiring cordwainers, we are a happy bunch.

In the first three days,  after the customary sharpening of knives, we have done the following:

Skiving Toe Puffs And Stiffeners

More Skiving!

Insoles Drying Out Prior to Blocking

Prepared The Holdfast/Feather

And Again

And Then Some More

Today Saw Us Lasting
So, with a third of the course completed we are motoring along. Tomorrow will see us welting, depending on how well the thread making goes.

Until the next installment, happy shoemaking!f

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