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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pattern Making for Shoes - New York - Day 5

Today began with a lovely social visit from two members of Carreducker's intensive course alumni - Hesper Shin and Wesley Knight. They stayed for a while to share their experiences - Hesper has studied at Ars Sutoria and Wesley has launched his own bespoke spectacle business.  

After much chat and discussion, thoughts and hands turned once again to patterns as Jesse took the group through the oxford lining. There was a test at the end - they had to complete the last piece without Jesse's help.  It was a good test to see what had actually been learned and they mostly succeeded - so something had stuck!.

They got the lining drape done, and fitted into the upper drape.  Then, with a bit of time left, Jesse showed them how to make the pattern for a whole cut.

Unsurprisingly conversations turned to design, but that is another topic entirely.

The spirit of pattern making is essentially problem solving using the basic information you have on the last and a mix of common sense and knowledge to solve the puzzle of each last. With the pattern making skills the group now have, they can go off to explore whether or not their designs will work and how to recreate them as good patterns.

The five busy days finished with questions, feedback, home made cake and Prosecco! Congratulations everyone! 

Now over to James to kick off the handsewn shoe making course at Brooklyn Bespoke on Monday.

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