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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pattern making for shoes New York - Day 3

Today, pattern making turned to high heels and so new lasts were taped up. Students were offered the chance to make patterns for medium to high heels - a few choosing the greater challenges (difficulties) the a very high heel offers.

Forme from pump last made...evaluating drapes 
Wright checking the fit of his drape
By lunch everyone had a perfect drape made of Tyvek
Working in the pattern for a pump
Tom whizzing through - his draughtsman skills coming in to play
The drape with intended top line drawn onto it
Step by step developing the pump pattern
...keeping the pattern paraphernalia  under control
Celia adding trimming allowance after springing her pattern to tighten the top line
'Teach' in action - Jesse showing right some of the finer points of the drape
All went well with the formes, but when it came to making the paper drapes things went slightly awry initially. This was intentional so that the students could see what happened if the forme was not sprung - essential for a pump pattern. Once they were shown the difference that springing the pattern made, perfect pump formes were created and the day turned to making the upper look symmetrical and raising the top line on the inside.

All in all a good day, with much learned.

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