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Friday, 2 May 2014

Pattern making for bespoke shoes in New York - Day 4

Today was Oxfords day. The group started with the master pattern they had made on Tuesday for the Derby, as they were once more working on the Carreducker lasts.

The basic construction lines went well, and then they were tasked with making a paper drape.

As Jesse expected, the patterns sat badly on the lasts. But she was about to reveal her secret! By adding a teeny sliver at the front of the facings the whole thing snapped into position, straightening the throat where the facings meet at the vamp seam.  Understandably the group were doubtful, but when they made their new drapes they worked!

The last day of pattern making at Brooklyn Bespoke tomorrow (Friday). Fingers crossed for some more beautiful drapes, uppers and lining patterns.

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