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Friday, 14 November 2014

Igniting a passion for shoe making

Even though the course is over, the passion for shoe making is hard to shake off. Three of the students from our New York course are already preparing to make their next pair of shoes...and all three will be making on bespoke lasts as we took the measurements at the end of class/here in London.

Taking Emily's measures watched by Aijaz
Aijaz went straight into work from his flight home wearing his shoes - "the most comfortable shoes he has ever owned!" - sporting some rather chic, string-coloured laces.

Let's hope that their hands stay tough and don't suffer as much as they did during the course (see below).

The great thing is that so many people are being inspired creatively- those students who have come on the course who have decided to keep making, from Adam in the North of England....

Adam's first pair on his own - looking great!

to Nazim in Malaysia;

Nazim's beautiful work  - many pairs along - those heel edges look sharp
our blog followers who are jumping in and teaching themselves to make shoes, like Benjamin in New York and Reynier in South Africa;

Reynier's handsewn work boots - love the seam stitching and rugged soles
and those who are inspired to pursue their own passions from children's shoes and sneakers to fashion plates and patterns.

We'd love to hear from you if you are out there shoe making on your own...because you're not on your own...there are hundreds of people around the world who are following a passion for this highly skilled trade.

Until next week, happy shoe making!

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