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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pattern Making for shoes New York - Day 1

Jesse took the pattern making students under her wing yesterday at the Brooklyn Bespoke studio, as the N.Y. pattern making course got under way. Half are familiar faces from previous hand sewn shoe making courses - welcome back Wright, Tom and Celia - and the others are new faces, keen to learn more of the shoe world - welcome Bryan, Alan and Stephanie.
The calm before the storm
A pattern maker's essential tool kit
Taping their lasts

Lifting off the tape to make the forme
Wright carefully cutting down the centre line.
Tom in deep concentration
Alan, Celia and Brian
Alan showing his paper 'drape' at the end of day one.
So the pattern making is off to a flying start and we know the students will be kept busy tomorrow (Tuesday) as they explore creating a Derby pattern and take part in the 'Derby Challenge' in the afternoon - they will be tasked with making a Derby pattern from a picture that Jesse gives them. Good luck everyone and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the coming days.

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