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Friday, 16 August 2013

London Intensive Shoemaking Course Week 2 Day 11

Ah, my over-optimism! All that rasping, glassing and sanding today took much longer than I had planned so there were no field trips and we're gearing up for a busy morning tomorrow, dyeing the soles and heels, burnishing the soles, setting them with wax and rubbing off the excess.

But back to today. Well give a man a few nails and a heel design to come up with and we went from one extreme to another... 

Heels were rasped, glassed and sanded

And sole edges were rasped, glassed and sanded creating a gentle concave curve on the edge to take the edge iron...

It may not look as though much has been done, but trust me, it's been a day of constant hard work straightening everything up and smoothing rough corners left right and centre.

But everyone is looking forward to seeing their finished shoes tomorrow. Until then happy shoemaking!

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